Superior Performance Pipe Gripper

Cutaway of Pipe GripperSuperior Performance Inc. introduces its innovative pipe and stand lifting tool, the Pipe Gripper, which is specifically designed to handle flush and semi-flush casing.

Superior Performance's Pipe Gripper features a patented and practical design that has a successful pull testing record to prove its performance rating. Repeated testing of the Pipe Gripper has shown this tool can stand up to 15,000 pounds for several thousand cycles and has a minimum rating equal to or above single-joint elevators.

To ensure maximum jaw contact on the pipe OD, the Pipe Gripper uses patented wave spring technology to provide positive force to the internal portion of the tool while it is in the closed position. Plus, the unique jaw configuration ensures maximum surface contact preventing slippage or damage on the pipe OD.

And no more lift nubbins needing to be threaded into your box connections the Pipe Gripper is completely universal and will accommodate all flush and semi-flush connections, no matter the manufacturer.



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