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Superior Performance

Here to serve.  


We exist to provide the best field personnel to the oil and gas industry.

Formed in 1995, we've grown to become industry leaders in premium threaded tubing and casing products and services.

We understand you expect nothing less than the most knowledgeable and professional service personnel, so that's exactly what we provide.




Our personnel are experts in the handling and care of special alloy materials, and we utilize the right tools to get the job done right the first time.


All representatives are trained in proper running procedures recommended by major thread manufacturers. We prevent problems before they turn into downtime at the rig site.


We are responsible for all thread aspects, so you can trust in the quality of services performed by our personnel


Our team receives ongoing training to ensure we're using the latest technology to provide the best service possible


Not only do we complete quality work, but we strive to work efficiently to ensure you're serviced in a timely manner. 


Superior Performance can fulfill your tubular needs in the pipe yard or on the job site – onshore and offshore.

QHSE Compliance

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment


Superior Performance strives to provide the highest and most consistent quality rental tools to the oil and gas industry, and the company's management team promises to meet or exceed customers' requirements.

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Quality Management

QHSE Compliance

With Superior Performance setting the bar for quality and consistency this high, promoting a culture of operational excellence is a must. Our entire team continually strives to improve its processes, and our top management is committed to making changes and improvements as needed to meet this high standard of excellence.

We have a quality management system in place that is continually scrutinized for its accuracy and effectiveness. Superior Performance senior management ensures quality policies and procedures are stressed with each new hire and through ongoing training with staff.

Additionally, our quality policy is posted in numerous places throughout our locations as a visual reminder to all.

Health, Safety & Environment

QHSE Compliance

We're committed to the safety of our workers, customers, products and all who visit our locations. Staff members thoroughly inspect, test and follow extensive verification requirements to ensure all products are safe and ready to use in the field.

Our HSE team provides ongoing training and frequently reviews safety procedures with staff to ensure all local, state, federal and customer-specific requirements are met or exceeded. Periodic - and unannounced - safety checks are performed to ensure all procedures are followed.

Going beyond basic safety precautions, Superior Performance strives to be an environmentally responsible company and has set standard operating procedures to accomplish this.

Superior Performance's HSE policy affirms the company's commitment to:

a safe and environmentally responsible work atmosphere for employees, visitors and the general public

Ensure adequate controls and mitigation of safety and health risks in the workplace

Provide necessary training and supervision to enable employees to carry out their duties in a safe manner

Conform to applicable local, state, federal and customer-specific requirements

Continue to consult with and update employees on health, safety and environmental issues on an ongoing basis

Quality Policy - Superior Performance


Quality and HSE Policies

We're committed to our customers’ requirements and service needs through compliance and continuous improvement of our management systems.

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