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OCTG and
Drill Pipe Inspections are important

OCTG and drill pipe inspections are an essential component of the drilling process. 

Not only could a cracked drill pipe or shredded thread ruin a drilling project, but they can also cause significant losses in terms of repair expense and downtime.

Superior Inspection Services are critical to maintain a drilling operation running smoothly over time. It's all about cost, operational effectiveness, environmental protection, and safety.

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Why Do Superior Inspection Services Matter?

Inspections are required to ensure that drilling activities are safe and trouble-free.

It's crucial to detect problems before they become an issue.

Our inspections help identify possible issues before they result in costly equipment damage and worker injuries. Our inspection services also assist in the detection of leaking OCTG, which has a negative environmental impact.


What will our field operators do?

At the pipe yard, a field operator will:

Inspect the metal-to-metal seals on both the pin and box

Inspect the threads and connection IDs for damage, pitting and corrosion

Repair damages found on connections, if possible

Mark non-repairable joints with a red band

Prep the connection with dry moly coat or dope, as required

Supervise the re-installation of thread protectors on the pipe


What Do Inspectors Look For?

Inspectors look for anything that is not in accordance with any requirements or that may indicate future issues. This includes:

Cracks in threads, box connections, and outside upsets

Galled, pulled, or over-torqued threads

Pitting, corrosion, dents, and other damage

Seal damage and connection washouts

Superior Inspection Services

At Superior Performance, our field service supervisors visually inspect seals and threads on new and used premium threaded connections, look for pipe body damage, and ensure connections are properly prepared for running in the field or to be stored.

At the rig site, field service supervisors will ensure that casing and tubulars are properly prepped for running in addition to the other tubular management services they provide.

octg and drill pipe inspections


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