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The importance of OCTG and drill pipe inspections

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Oilfield equipment, such as drill pipes and OCTG, can be subjected to a great amount of stress while drilling. It is important that these items are inspected regularly to ensure their safety and performance.

In addition to safety concerns, proper maintenance of oilfield equipment can also help improve its lifespan. By having your OCTG and drill pipe inspected regularly, you can rest assured that they will perform optimally when needed.

Let's take a closer look at why these inspections are so critical.

  1. Why are OCTG and drill pipe inspections required?
  2. What kinds of inspections are needed?
  3. What do I do if my drill pipe or OCTG is showing signs of wear?

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Why are OCTG and drill pipe inspections required?

OCTG and drill pipe inspections are necessary because they reveal how well your equipment is holding up. By catching minor issues early, you will have time to fix them before they become serious problems.

Plus, regular inspections allow for your employees to stay proficient in their skills so nothing goes wrong when it's time for a job. If there are any deficiencies it is often too late to fix them once a job is in progress.

If your OCTG and drill pipe inspections are not being done properly, you could have bigger issues on your hands. Regular inspections by trained engineers help keep employees safe and the equipment in good condition so everybody can go home at the end of each workday.

What kinds of inspections are needed?

There are a few different types of equipment that require regular OCTG and drill pipe inspections.

1- Inspect the octagon plate

First, you will need to inspect the octagon plate on your drill pipe. This plate keeps the drill pipe from wearing out while working in a well. If it's worn down too much, it becomes incredibly dangerous to operate, so this is one of the most important pieces to inspect.

2- Perform a visual inspection

Next, you should have someone familiar with OCTG perform a visual inspection. This person will need to look for any corrosion on the outside surface of the pipe. This corrosion can affect how well your OCTG performs in wells, so it is critical that they are serviced before being used again.

3- Make sure your OCTG is up to pressure

Lastly, make sure your OCTG is up to pressure. All the pieces will need to be tested with air or water to ensure they are holding up under pressure.

What do I do if my drill pipe or OCTG is showing signs of wear?

If you notice any wear on your OCTG and drill pipe during an inspection, it is indispensable to take action as soon as possible. Often, the first sign of wear will be corrosion on the surface of your OCTG or wear spots on your drill pipe.

When this happens, you should bring both items in ASAP and have them serviced before running another job.

By servicing them quickly, you can prevent any serious damage from happening and reduce the risk of injury. Keeping your equipment in good condition will also ensure that they are safe for future use.

Inspect your OCTG and drill pipes today

Don't wait until it's too late to have your OCTG and drill pipe inspected on a regular basis. These inspections can help keep you prepared for the next job while preventing any major issues before they arise. Regular maintenance of your oilfield equipment is vital for a safe work environment.

Don't wait to have your drill pipe and OCTG seen by a professional. If you think there is an issue with either one, bring it in, and we will take a look at it for you.

At Superior Performance, our Field Service Supervisors deliver Superior Inspection Services to ensure that casing and tubulars are prepped for running 

For more information on OCTG, contact us today!

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