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AllTorque GEN II Torque Control System

GEN II Torque Control System


The AllTorque torque/turn monitoring system monitors, records and controls the torque, turns, and speed of the power tongs in real time. 

This data helps to control tubular connections during makeup and breakout and to ensure that all connections conform to manufacturer specifications.

The AllTorque system gives you the information you need to ensure make-up conforms to manufacturers' specs. You can review results from previous make-ups and create reports for further analysis and information.

3 - Torque Turn


Hardware built for the rig floor
Robust load cells
Real Time cloud data backup



Load cells calibrated to <0.1%
Industry leading sample rate >3000 Hz


Easy to Use

Clean and intuitive user interface
Modular plug and play hardware
Step by step training guides
24/7 Technical support


Continuous Recording

Nothing happens without the software recording it. Whether making or breaking a connection, pressure testing, or anything in between, the program seamlessly tracks everything.

Un-Editable Data

Data values are encrypted at the first stage of measurement. Personnel cannot hide or change any of the information seen by the system. Data is backed up and stored securely for 40 years

Live Access

Internet access gives real-time access from anywhere in the world. Controlled access for Operators, TRS Companies and Pipe Manufacturers allows for a view of connection make-up remotely in real time.


The AllTorque web portal allows for remote access to live jobs and company data without the need for special software. If you can surf the web you can watch a job in the field.


Software Spec’s

Cloud Based Software For Use With Tongs & Aelium Torque Sub 

Software Continuously Updated, New Features & Security Touch 

Screen Tablet / Computer With Windows 10

Pipe, Accessory, Tong & Hardware Librarys

Automatic Joint Detection & Dumping

Customizable 1 Step PDF Reports

Torque, RPM & Shift Control

Continuous Recording


Hardware Spec’s

Power: 110 -220 VAC Input Lithium- ion battery backup with power supply built into system.

Sampling Frequency:    30,000 Hz

Recording Frequency:
30 - 1000 Hz

Computer:    Microsoft Surface Pro

Dump Valve Response: 10 - 30 ms

Electronic Response:    0.04 ms

Torque Control:    +/- 1% of optimum

Turns Accuracy:  Typically < 0.1% of 1 Turn on Tong

Operating Temp Comp:
0 - 40 Deg C    (32 - 104 Deg F)

Operating Temp Control Box:
-40 - 75 Deg C    (-40 - 170 Deg F)



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