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PowerXFlow 500 Ton Surface Test Tree

Superior Performance


Superior Performance Inc. is extending its Power Products line to include the PowerXFlow. The Power Product Line is designed for ultra deepwater work and to deliver superior strength and quality you expect from a Superior Performance product.

The PowerXFlow is your tool for subsea completions, workovers and P&A campaigns. It is designed for non-flowback operations, as well as easy, quick and safe rig up.

The PowerXFlow is versatile and easy to handle. It is dropped-objects tested and certified and easily transported.

PowerXFlow 500 Ton Surface Test Tree | Superior Performance



  • Ready for deepwater sub-sea completions, workovers and P&A campaigns
  • Designed for non-flowback operations
  • 10,000 psi working pressure /5.75" ID
  • 10 3/4" lift-sub with 7 1/16" 10k flange
  • 2" plug valve hydraulic actuated 2 1/16" 10,000 psi working pressure
  • Ball valves 5.75" I.D.
  • Swivel for quick and easy rig up
  • Dropped -objects certified
  • Hydraulic panel
  • Designed for easy, quick and safe rig up
  • Load tested to 800,000 pounds with 10,000 psi. Axial load 1 million pounds




Let us help you with service and getting you the right power equipment for the job. We go above and beyond and are committed to helping you find the right tool.

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