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High-Pressure Debris Unit

Superior Performance

Current pit trash and well trash filtering systems require repeat changeouts and multiple units based on operational complexity.

The Gen 4 DPDT-DU is a 15ksi rated active surface filter meant to provide reliability and durability above and beyond expectation with customization available for long term installations

DPDT-DU Gen 4 Spec Brochure(SPI) 2




Contains wire wrap screens gauged based on customer mud and brine fluid systems and may be sized to even capture gravel pack sand.

Contains single3” 1502 WECO connections for inlet/outlet integration ease and bypassing in the event of severe plugging, thus permitting rates in excess of 18bpm.

Capable of backflushing individual barrels while still going downhole; eliminating operational pause or preventing downtime during critical pumping operations.

An integrated capturing system allows for inspection of captured debris during the operation.

Digital gauges are provided to identify which barrel is experiencing plugging and to allow an accurate gauge of pressure drops for the surface system

The compact DPDT-DU Gen 3 may be mobilized for shorter, simple operations or the DPDT-IL may be adapted to a single joint of drill pipe permitting installation on deck, below the top drive, or downhole



12ft x 8ft footprint services two zones (i.g. standpipe manifold and boost line) with a single unit.

Screens may be customized to filter astight as desired without stripping weighting agents

Onthefly backflushing eliminates downtime

HP barriers eliminate valves from HP Iron provider

Bypass line provided per zone

Onthefly inspection of debris

No daily consumables

No need to retest



  15,000psi HP rating
(3" 1502 WECO FxM)

  200psi LP rating
(double isolation per Barrel)

  5,700psi Dp across screens

  Greater than 18bpm per Barrel

  Nitril Seals default elastomer

  Outlet ID restriction of 3.187"

Onboard backflushing and inspection point:

  Pump Type: Centrifugal Pump

  Max Flush Rate: 9.5bpm

  Power: 3phase; 230/460V; 70amp

  Flush Reservoir: 225gal

  Screen Basin 1: 0.125"

  Screen Basin 2: 0.030''

  Screen Basin 3: 0.006'


  Barrel Hydrated Capacity: 13gal

  Barrel Dehydrated Capacity: 0.99 ft3

  Unit Hydrated Capacity: 52gal

  Unit Dehydrated Capacity: 3.9ft3



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