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The Importance of Elevator Bails in the Oil and Gas Industry

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If you are part of an oil and gas company, you may already be aware of the fact that protecting assets is crucial for a successful operation.  This includes the safe removal, transportation, and storage of equipment.

Operations would be extremely difficult and time-consuming without the use of elevator bails.

In the oil and gas industry, elevator bails are crucial handling tools for drilling and completion operations. 

What are elevator bails?

Long bails are only going to be used for completions.  Drilling you will only use rig bails.

During the drilling process, elevators bails are used to latch around the top of pipe joints. Once latched, drillers may raise and lower pipe in and out of the hole. The rig crews attach the elevator to the hook (also known as Top Drive)  with two forged high-grade steel rods called links or bails.

Elevator bails are typically made of straight rods, rods that have eyes on both ends.  

Benefits of using elevator bails

Elevator bails offer many benefits, including:

  • Lift equipment off the ground
  • Place equipment on the ground

Considerations when using Elevators

While elevator bails can be used to make oil rigs more efficient, it is crucial for operators to follow safety guidelines. Here are a few safety tips when using elevators bails:

  • Inspect the elevator before each use. If any issues are found, the elevator shall be removed.
  • Ensure that elevators are equipped with safety (by using positive latches) to avoid unintentional disengagement of pipes
  • Ensure that elevators are free of projections to prevent them from getting caught on other equipment

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