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Superior Performance: Your Deep Water Multi-Service Provider

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In the dynamic world of deep water drilling, there's one name that stands out—Superior Performance. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that cover a wide range of work scopes associated with deep water drilling and completions. What truly sets us apart is our ability to provide multiple services with just two highly skilled individuals on the rig. In this blog post, let us show you how Superior Performance is reshaping the deep water sector.

  1. About Superior Performance
  2. Our Deep Water Services
  3. Reducing Personnel On Board (POB)
  4. Streamlined Invoicing
  5. Superior Performance's Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

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About Superior Performance

We aren't your run-of-the-mill service provider. We go above and beyond to deliver top-tier tools and services to drilling contractors and operators. With our extensive knowledge of rig operations, we don't just solve problems; we prevent them. Our innovative products and solutions are meticulously designed to ensure minimal downtime at the rig site, making us an indispensable partner in the industry.

Our Deep Water Services

At Superior Performance, our service portfolio is as diverse as the challenges of the deep water sector. Here are some of the key services we proudly offer:

Tubular Management

Managing tubulars efficiently is a cornerstone of successful drilling operations. We excel in coordinating tubular movements from the pipe yard to below the rotary. With Superior generating logistic plans and managing tubular handling at the rig site, you can rest assured that we will optimize performance and ensure everything proceeds smoothly.

Thread Inspection

Our field service supervisors conduct visual inspections of seals and threads on both new and used semi-premium and premium threaded connections, scrutinize pipe bodies for damage, and verify that connections are adequately prepared for either field deployment or storage.

Furthermore, at the rig site, we ensure that tubulars are aptly prepped for running and all connection makeup graphs comply with the original equipment manufacturer's parameters.

HPDU (High-Pressure Drilling Unit)

In the demanding high-pressure environment of deep water drilling, having a reliable HPDU is non-negotiable. The Superior Performance High-Pressure Debris Filtration Unit is designed with unique filtering systems that help remove debris from completion fluids. This filtration unit can be installed onsite and helps improve the performance of your entire system.

PowerWire Lift Frame Services

Efficient lifting operations are pivotal on offshore rigs. The Superior PowerWire was designed to save valuable time throughout the lifting process by using the e-frame for E-line and slick line operations and increase safety. The PowerWire 520- and 770-ton wireline lift frame offers the superior strength and quality you expect from a Superior Performance product.

PowerXFlow Surface Test Tree

The flow head is a critical component in drilling operations. The PowerXFlow is your tool for subsea completions, workovers and P&A campaigns. It is designed for non-flowback operations, as well as easy, quick and safe rig up. The PowerXFlow is versatile and easy to handle. It is dropped-objects tested and certified, and easily transported.

Reducing Personnel On Board (POB)

One of our most significant achievements is our ability to provide up to five different services with just two highly skilled professionals on the rig. Traditionally, utilizing one provider per service would require anywhere from 8 to 10 personnel on board.

By choosing Superior Performance for these services, rig operators can limit personnel to just two individuals. This not only saves valuable bed space on the rig, but also significantly reduces daily costs. It's a game-changer for efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the deep water sector.

Streamlined Invoicing

Managing multiple service providers can often lead to a convoluted invoicing process. At Superior Performance, we simplify this by offering multiple services under one roof. This not only keeps AFE (Authorization for Expenditure) costs down but also streamlines the invoicing process, reducing the complexity of managing numerous invoices. It's a win-win for both efficiency and cost management.

Superior Performance's Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

At Superior Performance, we are not merely a service provider; we are your partner in the success of deep water drilling operations. Our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and efficiency shines through in the diverse range of services we offer and our unique ability to provide multiple services with just two personnel on board.

By choosing Superior Performance, drilling contractors and operators can experience unmatched performance in every facet of their operations, from reduced costs to streamlined processes. In the deep water sector, Superior Performance truly stands out as the ultimate multi-service provider. 

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About Superior Performance

Superior Performance is a leader in the premium tubular business. Our extensive knowledge of rig operations allows us to prevent problems and offer innovative products to avoid downtime at the rig site. Our offerings include: Multi-Service Provider, Rental Tools, Power Equipment.  Other offerings include: thread inspection services, casing I.D caliper and Laser Tally.

At Superior Performance, our team provides drilling contractors and operators with a wide range of construction services to cover most work scopes associated with rig/drilling packages and upgrades, refurbishment, and repair.

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