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What Are Superior Performance's Rental Tools Products and Services?

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Superior Performance Inc. has been a leader in the premium tubular business for decades. Our extensive knowledge of rig operations allows us to prevent problems and offer innovative products to avoid downtime at the rig site.

But what exactly do we offer? How can our team offer your team value?

What Do We Offer?

1- Services


A Superior Performance professional will monitor the cleaning of threads and the removal of thread protectors while in the pipe yard.

Our field service supervisors visually inspect seals and threads on new and used premium threaded connections, look for pipe body damage, and ensure connections are properly prepared for running in the field or to be stored.


Our Field Service Supervisors will get your connections made-up properly while delivering the highest quality tubular management service in the industry.  In addition, our Field Service Supervisors also make sure all completed assemblies have thread protectors re-installed prior to being loaded into the basket for shipment to the rig. 


Our Bump-a-Plug Casing ID Caliper takes the worry out of the cementing process with its speed and accuracy.

This tool can help alleviate the issues of accurate bumping of the cementing plugs by providing quick, accurate measurement of casing string IDs.

Once the data is collected, and an average ID is established, drilling and cementing engineers can quickly recalculate their casing string cementing displacement values.

2- Rentals

Superior Performance carries premium casing and tubing rental tools in a wide variety of sizes and connections, including elevators for casing and tubing, tubing/casing crossovers, full open safety valves, stabbing guides, casing swages and much more.

3- Power Equipment

Superior Performance Inc. uses its knowledge of rig operations and running procedures to create premium products that deliver accuracy, quality and time savings. 


These patent-pending tools are designed to deliver superior strength and the quality you expect from a Superior Performance product.

  • DNV approved
  • ABS approved
  • Dropped-objects tested and certified
  • Easily transported

Want To Learn More?

Click below to download our Products and Services Catalog for all the details of our product offerings

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