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What is a Full Opening Safety Valve (TIW valve)?

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There are two types of stabbing valves that must be prepared for well control: Full Opening Safety Valve (TIW valve) and Inside BOP valve (Gray Valve)

In other words, TIW valves are an essential part of any drilling operation.

But what exactly is a TIW valve?

  1. Full Opening Safety Valves
  2. Benefits
  3. Optimal Use Cases for TIW Valves
  4. Inside BOP Valve (Gray Valve)
  5. Integration with Digital Technology
  6. Economic Considerations
  7. Environmental Implications
  8. How to Choose the Right TIW Valve

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Full Opening Safety Valves

Full Opening Safety Valve or TIW valves are ball valves designed for high-pressure conditions.  These ball valves can hold pressure from both directions. 

TIW  valves are called “Full Opening” because when the ball valve is opened; the flow path has a smooth inside diameter.  The term “Full Opening” does not mean that the valve's ID is the same as the drill pipe's ID.  We offer valves with the same ID as the pipe. 

TIW valves should always be located on the rig floor in the open position.  This is critical because if the well flows through the drill pipe, the valve can be stabbed quickly into the drill string.


  • TIW valves provide a quick, sure shutoff in the string that can repay the cost of the valve quickly as kick protection.
  • TIW valves are designed to hold pressure from both directions
  • TIW valves follow  API standards
  • TIW valve's standard Pressure rating can be either 10,000  or 15,000 PSI depending on application.

Optimal Use Cases for TIW Valves

TIW valves are often indispensable in high-pressure drilling operations. They are particularly useful when drilling deep wells, in offshore environments, and in unconventional resource plays such as shale gas and tight oil reservoirs. Moreover, with the growing demand for safe and efficient drilling, TIW valves have become an integral component in managed pressure drilling (MPD) systems.

Inside BOP Valve (Gray Valve)

Now that we’ve extensively discussed TIW valves, it’s imperative to shed light on Inside BOP valves or Gray valves. Inside BOP valves serve as an additional line of defense to prevent backflow. Unlike TIW valves, Gray valves are often smaller, less robust but offer faster operations. They are commonly used as drop-in check valves and are inserted into the top of the drill string. Gray valves are critical in controlling kicks (unintended influx of fluids into the wellbore), particularly during tripping operations.

Integration with Digital Technology

In today's oil and gas landscape, digital technology is revolutionizing how operations are conducted. TIW valves can be integrated with real-time monitoring systems, which can be used to monitor the valve's condition and performance remotely.

These digital systems can send alerts when maintenance is needed or in case of operational anomalies. This integration significantly enhances operational safety and efficiency by facilitating proactive maintenance and informed decision-making.

Economic Considerations

In an industry that is so deeply influenced by volatile market prices, TIW valves offer an economically sound choice. Not only do they protect the rig and personnel, but they also minimize downtime, which can be incredibly costly. Furthermore, with TIW valves being highly durable and compliant with API standards, they present a low-risk, high-reward investment for drilling operations.

Environmental Implications and ESG Considerations

Environmental sustainability is becoming a focal point in the oil and gas sector, and this trend is embodied in the concept of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations. TIW valves play a role in supporting these ESG objectives. The robust nature of TIW valves minimizes the risk of unintentional discharge of drilling fluids or hydrocarbons into the environment, which directly aligns with the environmental aspect of ESG by reducing pollution and environmental degradation.

Moreover, by ensuring the safety and well-being of the personnel on drilling sites through effective well control, TIW valves contribute positively to the social component of ESG. Companies that prioritize the safety and welfare of their workforce are likely to receive positive recognition from stakeholders and investors.

Finally, adhering to governance standards, including compliance with regulations and best practices, is crucial in building a company’s reputation and integrity. TIW valves, being compliant with API standards (API 7-1), can form part of the governance structure in ensuring that operations are conducted within regulatory frameworks.

How to Choose the Right TIW Valve

Several factors must be considered when choosing a TIW valve for your operations. These include the expected well pressure, the size and specifications of your drill string, the nature of the fluids being handled, and the specific regulatory requirements in your area. Our experts at Superior Performance can help guide you through this process and ensure you choose the right valve for your operations.

Your TIW valves experts

Let us help you with service and getting you the right tools for the job.

The Superior Performance TWI valves are rated to handle 10,000 and 15,000 psi are available in 2 3/8 inch to 6 5/8 inch connections. 

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