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At Superior Performance, safety and family values are at the heart of everything we do. Allow us to support your essential operations and management services, addressing the critical requirements of your drilling & production projects effectively.

Our dedicated team offers comprehensive solutions for oil & gas contractors and operators, encompassing a wide range of services associated with rig drilling & completion packages, Supervisory and Services support-personnel, Thread Inspection Services, Laser Tally Services, ID Caliper, Pipe Yard Services, and Laser Tally Services as well as worksite support tools.

Whether you require a turnkey solution or individualized services, we've got you covered:

Field Service Supervisor assistance:

  Pipe yard services

  Rig site services

 Assembly Facility Services

After-the-job services:

  Pipe thread inspection services

  Tubular management

  Critical Path Reporting

Power Equipment Operation:

  Wireline lift operations

  Flowhead operations

Coiled Tubing Lift Frame Operations

Field Service Supervisor Assistance

In the yard or at the assembly facility, our Field Service Supervisors conduct thorough inspections, repair damages, and prepare connections to ensure optimal performance and longevity, always prioritizing safety. Additionally, they oversee the proper application of makeup torque and supervise the reinstallation of thread protectors before shipment -  handling other critical tasks which go beyond inspection.


Pipe Yard Services

In the yard, a field operator will:

Inspect the metal-to-metal seals on both the pin and box

Inspect the threads and connection IDs for damage, pitting and corrosion

Repair damages found on connections, if possible

Mark non-repairable joints with a red band

Prep the connection with dry moly coat or dope, as required

Supervise the re-installation of thread protectors on the pipe

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Rig Site Services

Our experts verify the integrity of pipe and accessories at rig sites, ensuring proper sizing, handling, and installation procedures are followed meticulously, ensuring the safety of all personnel.

All pipe and accessories to ensure proper size, weight, grade and thread type, and to ensure that threads are properly prepared for makeup

Running order of pipe and accessories

Handling plugs are the proper size, weight, and connection, if to be used

Stabbing guides are correctly sized and that any crossovers to be used are the correct size, weight, and connection

Elevators and slips are the correct type for the pipe being run and are sufficient capacity to safely perform as needed

Discuss with tong company to ensure power tongs have sufficient capabilities to exceed maximum torque

Check torque gauge for calibration

Meeting is held with Rig Site Supervisor, Tong Company Personnel, and/or Torque Turn Company personnel to ensure the pipe is run to the manufacturer's specifications. Torque values and pipe-manufacturer running procedures are reviewed to ensure everyone is on the same page

The running procedures with company supervisor, tong company personnel and rig crew prior to beginning operations

After the job services

We continue to
assist after the job is done

Our team will handle all of your "after-the-job" needs, including our unique thread inspection services.

Service Reports

A Superior Performance Field Service Supervisor will complete a service report and supplemental forms to provide details on the activities performed and recommendations for changes to improve future operations.



Our field service supervisors visually inspect seals and threads on new and used premium threaded connections, look for pipe body damage, and ensure connections are properly prepared for running in the field or to be stored.

At the rig site, field service supervisors will ensure that casing and tubulars are properly prepped for running, in addition to the other tubular management services they provide.

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octg and drill pipe inspections


Rely on our Field Service Supervisors for expert tubular management, ensuring that all aspects of the tubular movement plans are meticulously reviewed. This thorough analysis highlights opportunities for time savings and efficient problem solving, particularly for the complex logistics encountered in deepwater operations. Trust us to handle every detail, from loadout to offload.

Tubular Management | Superior Performance


Our Bump-a-Plug Casing ID Caliper provides customized, accurate reporting, simplifying the displacement calculations involved in the cementing process through precise measurements.

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Casing ID Caliper Services | Superior Performance

Teardown and Rebuild Testing

Tailored for clients and other service companies, this service involves tearing down tools, buffing them to bare metal, having them inspected by a third party for any damages, and rebuilding them as needed. Tools are then painted and stored, ready for the next job.

By offering this service, we help companies with limited tools and tight schedules maintain their equipment properly. As part of the service, we also provide rental tools for clients to use while their equipment is being serviced.

Our tailored teardown, inspection, and rebuilding services for tools, maintains equipment to OEM and API standards for optimal performance and safety, prioritizing the quality and safety our clients and partners anticipate.

Teardown and Rebuild Testing

Torque Turn Services

Powered by AllTorque's Torque Control system, our Torque Turn Services provide real-time monitoring and control of torque, turns, and speed for enhanced efficiency and safety, ensuring an efficient and safe working environment.

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Power equipment operation


ultra-deepwater water work equipment

Let us help you with service and getting you the right power equipment for the job. We go above and beyond and are committed to helping you find the right power tools.

Our team of operators will operate and manage your wire-lifing and flow head tools.

We are experts in installing, operating, and servicing our own PowerWire and PowerXFlow power equipment.

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Rental Tools



Get insights into our services and products by downloading our catalog, ensuring that you have access to the tools and resources needed to optimize your next project.




Reach out to us to find the right tools and services for your needs. We're committed to going above and beyond to support your project.

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