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5 reasons why you need a Field Service Supervisor

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No matter the size of your company, field service supervisors are an important part of its success. This position is responsible for ensuring that all work is completed in a timely and efficient manner, and that customer satisfaction is always maintained.

Here are five reasons why you need a field service supervisor on your team.

1- Avoid downtime at the rig site

2- Ensure installations meet acceptance criteria

3- Ensure completed assemblies have thread protectors re-installed 

4- Guide field operators

5- Conduct operations at the rig site

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1- Avoid downtime at the rig site

Field Service Supervisors have extensive knowledge of rig operations allows you to prevent problems and offer innovative solutions to avoid downtime at the rig site.

2- Ensure installations meet acceptance criteria

A Field Service Supervisor will monitor the makeup of accessories in the yard and ensure all connections are properly prepared for running in the field or to be stored.  They will be sure that the makeup graphs meet the acceptance criteria of the pipe manufacturer.

A Field Service Supervisor will also ensure the proper makeup torque is applied to each connection and that makeup graphs are acceptable.

3- Ensure completed assemblies have thread protectors re-installed 

Field Service Supervisors also make sure all completed assemblies have thread protectors re-installed prior to being loaded into the basket for shipment to the rig. If requested, professionals will also supervise bolstering, loading and unloading of tubular.

4- Guide field operators

Field Service Supervisors will assist Field Operators to ensure their job is done correctly.

In the yard, Field Operators will:

  • Inspect the metal-to-metal seals on both the pin and box
  • Inspect the threads and connection IDs for damage, pitting and corrosion
  • Repair damages found on connections, if possible
  • Mark non-repairable joints with a red band
  • Prep the connection with dry moly coat or dope, as required
  • Supervise the re-installation of thread protectors on the pipe

5- Conduct operations at the rig site

At the rig site:

Field Service Supervisors will meet with your site supervisor and review what pipe and accessories will be run into the well.

When at a rig site, a Superior Performance expert will verify:

  • All pipe and accessories to ensure proper size, weight, grade and thread type and to ensure that threads are properly prepared for makeup

  • Running order of pipe and accessories

  • Handling plugs are the proper size, weight, and connection, if to be used

  • Stabbing guides are correctly sized and that any crossovers to be used are the correct size, weight, and connection

  • Elevators and slips are the correct type for the pipe being run and are sufficient capacity to safely perform as needed

  • Discuss with tong company to ensure power tongs have sufficient capabilities to exceed maximum torque

  • Check torque gauge for calibration

  • Meeting is held with Rig Site Supervisor, Tong Company Personnel and/or Torque Turn Company personnel to ensure the pipe is run to the manufacturer's specifications, torque values and pipe manufacturer running procedures are reviewed to ensure everyone is on the same page

  • The running procedures with company supervisor, tong company personnel and rig crew prior to beginning operations

Let's Work Together

Field Service Supervisors are vital for any company with on-site employees. They are the link between headquarters and out in the field, overseeing all of your operations, so they run smoothly.

Let us help you with essential drilling operations & management services to address the critical needs of your drilling projects.

At Superior Performance, our team provides drilling contractors and operators with a wide range of construction services to cover most work scopes associated with rig/drilling packages and upgrades, refurbishment, and repair.

Contact us to get more information about our tool rental offerings!

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