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What are stabbing guides used for?

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Using the right stabbing guide is the only way to fully prevent pipe and thread damage and minimize potential connection failure. A good stabbing guide will help operators to ensure precisely aligned, securely connected pipe sections.

But what exactly is a stabbing guide?

A stabbing guides are handling tools (used in the oil and gas industry) that help operators align two separate sections of drill pipe, tubing, or casing for male-to-female connections. Stabbing guides can be used when stringing a whole new pipeline, as well as for connecting replacement sections to existing lines.

When a pipe is incorrectly aligned, downtime can increase, and there is room for complete failure.

These simple tools are important in the energy industry, necessary for faster, easier stabbing and to protect threaded connections from damage.

Stabbing guide geometry

When it comes to stabbing guide geometry, there are two main features: a thru-bore (top section) and a counterbore (bottom section). The thru-bore guides the pin threads (male connection) to align with the box threads.  On the other hand, the counterbore slides over and sits on the box end of the pipe (female connection). 

Both thru-bore and counterbore shall be made out of a strong, durable, and is a somewhat elastic material.

The type of materials used for both thru-bore and counterbore of materials vary widely.  However, proper care should be taken to select a material that will stand up to all working conditions it may encounter including extreme temperatures, drilling fluids, corrosive chemicals, water, impact, fatigue, etc.


  • Stabbing guides enhance the operator's ability to maintain control and to achieve ultimate safety while guiding sections of pipe together.

  • When you use the right guides, stabbing will be more efficient while taking up fewer man-hours to complete.

  • The best stabbing guides have polyurethane shells because the material is low-maintenance and durable.

  • Whether you’re drilling or tripping pipe,  stabbing guides can help to prevent damage to threads and pipe while minimizing the risk of connection failure.

Your stabbing guide experts

Let us help you with service and getting you the right tools for the job.

Superior Performance offers various sizes and brands of stabbing guides. Sizes range from 2 3/8 inches to 18 5/8 inches so you can be sure to find what you need to prevent damage to tubing, casing and drill pipe prior to make-up. 

Contact us to get more information about our tool rental offerings!

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