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Leader in premium thread inspection and casing/tubing rental tools

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For over 28 years Superior Performance has been an industry leader in premium thread inspection and casing/tubing rental tools. We started as a thread inspection company and have grown into a multi-service provider working all over the world. 

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We care about you

Outstanding customer service provided by our knowledgeable and professional thread inspectors gave our customers confidence to ask us to solve a problem for them. They needed a safe and accurate way to measure their tubulars on land and offshore.

Solving this problem for our customer allowed us to add another line of service, laser tally of tubulars. We have been accurately providing this service to our customers for over 20 years. 

Unique execution

Proof of executing a new service made it easy for our customers to share their struggles, which gave us the opportunity to start our Power Equipment Division, which includes wire line lift frames, surface test trees and high-pressure debris units.  

Our team of operators will operate and manage your wire-line and flow head tools.

We are experts in installing, operating, and servicing our own PowerWire and PowerXFlow power equipment.

  •   Wireline lift operations
  •   Flowhead operations

Multiservice provider

The vast inventory of rental equipment and our thread inspection services has allowed us to expand into multiple locations and grow into the multi-service provider that we are today!

All of our service lines provide the highest and most consistent quality tools and services to the oil and gas industry. We have over 50 qualified, knowledgeable, hard-working thread inspectors that are ready to travel anywhere in the world to assist your operations.

Our Field Service Supervisors have extensive knowledge of rig operations allows us to prevent problems and offer innovative products to avoid downtime at the rig site.

  •   Pipe yard operations and management
  •   Rig site operations and management
  •   Drillpipe debris trap deck unit operation

Great service, great tools

Let us help you by getting you the right equipment and services the first time.

As demand is growing, we are here to provide solutions to each of our client's needs in the oil and gas industry.  Superior Performance wants to be your equipment and service provider. 

Contact us to get more information about our thread inspectors and rental tool inventory.

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About Superior Performance

At Superior Performance, our team provides drilling contractors and operators with a wide range of construction services to cover most work scopes associated with rig/drilling packages and upgrades, refurbishment, and repair. 

We can provide either a turnkey solution or individual work scopes, including: field service supervisor assistance, after the job services, power equipment operation, and rental tools.

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